Canberra attracts whalers as centenary balloon stirs controversy

24 05 2013

Earlier this month the so called “Skywhale” made to the sky for its debut on mothers day this year to celebrate Canberras centenary celebrations. The Skywhale is one of many different attractions that will be held in the capital over the coming year. The Skywhale is set tocost the Australian tax payer three hundred thousand dollars (originally set to be one hundred and seventy thousand dollars)

“Although the Skywhale may attract attention to Canberra it may not be all positive” 

sky whale

There is a lot of controversy regarding the Skywhale and its cost the public seem to be generally split between with their opinions. Many people find it unattractive or distasteful and even offensive. The Skywhale is set to keep flying high despite the slander the public and politicians throw at it, Afterthe Skywhale has completed its journey around Canberra it will be moved to Hobart’s Museum of Modern and Old Art where it will be an exhibit there. The fact that is not saying in Canberra is becoming a big problem for taxpayers.

Ex minister Jon Stanhope slammed the Skywhale saying it was a waste of money and  should stay in Canberra as a tourist attraction if the government was going to spend so much on it.