As with his enlistment, many people, including members of the Tillman’s family, believe that Pat Tillman’s death was used for political gain. For example, in the film, his mother, Mary Tillman (sometimes referred to as Dannie), offers the following statement:

22 05 2013

It’s an atrocity that they would take a young man with honourable intentions who served his country and lie about how he died to promote a war, to use him as a political – a propaganda tool, basically. That is immoral.


How might changing the narrative (that is, covering up the accounts of fratricide from Tillman’s fellow soldiers) assist the US government’s cause? How did the revelation that Tillman was killed by friendly fire disrupt the narrative that depicts Tillman dying as a war hero? 

The US Government tried to cover up Pat Tillman’s death and use it as a media stunt for the US Army. It was used as a recruiting for the army.
Pat Tillman was a famous American football player who was very well known. He chose to give up his career in football to serve his country, which sounded like a patriotic act but turned into one of the biggest [exposed] cover-ups in America. The original story was Pat was killed in an ambush on his convoy in 2004. It was later revealed by many years of searching military records and tracking down officials his mother found that his death was not caused by enemy fire but rather friendly fire. He was murdered by his own teammates. It was also found that the US army that he was to be killed but killed in a way that it could be passed off as an accident. Through thorough research and pure determination his mother discovered that it was ordered by someone at a much higher position than they first thought. Pat Tillman’s story touched many people and worked as an efficient propaganda tool until it was revealed it was completely staged.