Chalk Art at Lake Tuggeranong College #1

15 03 2013

Lake Tuggeranong art students have created chalk art around the school. The chalk art is performance themed and will be extended by more students over the next few weeks. The art is located in the center of the courtyard on display for everyone to view and appreciate. The art depicts the amphitheater design of the building where the chalk is located. More art will be added in the next couple of weeks by other college art classes. Image

Much of the art takes up most of the walls and brings like to the usual bare red brick walls. The ultimate goal of the chalk art is to cover the entire wall in it and to keep adding onto past drawings and building on top of the old art.


Some students added messages to their art and coloured entire sections of the wall.  If you wish to view all pictures as of Friday the 15 of march they will be uploaded in a separate post.