What is the role of a journalist?

22 02 2013


a journalist is a person who writes for newspapers or magazines or prepares news to be broadcast on radio or television. Journalists report on many different things including sport, politics and current affairs. Most journalists work for major companies producing World News or newspapers, but in some cases journalists can work independantly selling their stories to the highest payer.


Is journalism a dangerous job?

20 02 2013


Journalism can be a dangerous job. Hundreds of journalists every year put their lives at risk by reporting the news in dangerous places around the world. Including war-zones, natural disasters and unstable areas. The role of a journalist isn’t always dangerous. There are many branches of journalists, such as sport reporting, weather reporting and local reporting. Most of the time its safe to be a journalist. over 900 journalists have been killed all over the world since 1991 and over half were killed reporting war and politics in dangerous parts of the world.