Sexual Health Program targets ACT College students

17 05 2013

SHLiRP (Sexual Health Lifestyle & Relationship Program) is a government initiative which focuses on visiting colleges around the ACT as well as educating the general public.

Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT and ACT Health fund the program which has proven to be highly successful. On Monday the 13th of May SHLiRP Visited Lake Tuggeranong College to run a seminar educating students on the heath risks involved in sexual intercourse. The aim of the program is to encourage students to protect themselves from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and pregnancy. Students also had the chance to talk to sexual health nurses and discuss any questions or problems they may want to talk about. They also offer free testing for chlamydia and other major infections. Although students were encouraged to talk to a nurse whether they are sexually active or not to discuss any concerns they may have.


All government colleges in Canberra have been offered the service free of charge in an attempt to decrease the number of youths contracting a potentially lethal infections. “Prevention is the best thing we can do”said a representative.

Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the free testing and the temporary clinics set up at Canberra colleges. Currently the number of youths infected with Chlamydia is around one in fourteen (source) , and the ACT government is trying to dramatically decrease that number to a lower percentage as it is one of the highest in the nation.




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