Feature Article:

17 05 2013

 ACT To Get Education Boost For Trade Industry

Lake Tuggeranong College plans to expand its wood and metalwork faculties to accommodate the growing amount of students wanting to partake in trades in the Tuggeranong and ACT region. This also comes after the ACT Government reported all time lows for the trade industry. It is estimated The new building will be situated on the student tennis courts and will be expected to be named the Tuggeranong Sustainable Living Trade Training Centre, the building will service six surrounding schools and will offer certificate I and II qualifications as a carpenter, joiner, cook, landscape gardener, motor mechanics and more. all of the skills have major shortages in the valley. This comes after the ACT Government injected $176 million dollars into the ACT public school system to increase the amount of trades taken up for school leavers.It is expected to open in late 2015 and greatly decrease the trade shortage.

The Tuggeranong Sustainable Living Trade Training Centre will not only train college students but allow high school students to gain a head start of their possible careers and even gain appropriate certificates to get apprenticeships and further their education. Tuggeranong isn’t the only area in the ACT that will be receiving government funding for colleges and high schools, 3 trade centers around Canberra are due to be built in the next few years, including Daramalin College, Lake Tuggeranong College, Erindale College and Emmaus Christian School which will be named Dickson area trade training center.

Peter Garrett said  the Trade Training Centre program was designed to give students more post-school options while also addressing skills shortages.

The Tuggeranong Sustainable Living Trade Training Centre will have a capacity of about 90 students per year doing VET courses, says one teacher.

Another teacher commented, It is much needed and is well over-due in our community as we have too many students than we can teach at the moment and its causing us to be backed up and possibly not give the quality of education we would like to give to the students studying the course, and we recognize how important tradies are in our society and how important it is to give them the highest level of training as we can before they finish their schooling.

The Tuggeranong Sustainable Living Trade Training Centre will be situated on the tennis courts at Lake Tuggeranong College and possibly the basketball courts too, It is unclear this early in planning. The school is also deciding whether they will rebuild the sports courts currently behind the school and the carpark.

“It’s a good Idea and It’s a shame I wont be here to see it” said one tech student

“Its defiantly needed and should make a significant difference to our school community and our community outside of school” Says an executive teacher.





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